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Towle Steak Knives

These Steak knives are made of high-quality silversmiths quality cutlery usa, they come with 2 sets of 4 knives, each one featuring a beautiful, multiple-gaited vein in a dark brown. The blades are 8"x8" and are shiny honeysuckle.

Towle Steak Knives Set Of 4

The set of four to Steak knives is a great for cutting steak, the stainless steel is beautiful and sharp. They have a soft cases made to protect them and the brand is used, however, the set is used and the branding is still there. The to Steak knife set includes 4 knives - 2 mm and 2 oz ® - in a stainless steel, easy to care for condition, the knives are perfect for serve cooked or fresh seafood, chicken, or steak. The set also includes a spoon and fork, the to Steak knife set is a great way to show off your kitchen skills and provide value for your kitchen. The to Steak knife is a high-quality, anti-dental knife made of stainless steel, it has design, with a raised furrow in the blade's broad head, and a small, round head at the base. The blade is 1, 75 inches long and the handle is oval in shape. The blade is mizuno-grade 10 on the inside and has a heat resistant coat, the knives arearma-grade, with the "a" in the blade's center. The set 4 tier silversmiths stainless steel cutlery is a great choice for the home cook or the professional, the blades are 3 on each side and have a raised letter s on the blade. The knife measures 3-1/4 inches in length and the set comes with two sheaths, the stainless steel is a great material for the professional kitchen and the tier 4 knife has a black finish.