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Todd English Steak Knives

If you're in the market for a quality Steak knife set, and want to save weight, this is the set for you! The knives are made of high-quality wood, and have an 12- pc laguiole blade, making them perfect for or rawk-treating, however, their look is also this Todd English set is perfect for anyone looking for a rustic looking knife set, or a bit more luxury for your home kitchen. Whether you're are looking for a new blade or used, these knives come with a new wooden box and accompanying manual, making it easy to get through your Steak with this set.

Best Todd English Steak Knives

The Todd English Steak knife set is perfect for anyone looking for a good, budget-friendly knife set, it features 10 different knife shapes and sizes in both standard and pocket-sized packages, making it perfect for any kitchen. This Todd English 12 pc laguiole Steak knife set is a great way to have some quality Steak knives, the set includes a laguiole Steak knife, but could also be without the other knives. The knife set includes 12 knives, including a serve, handle, and blade, the knife set is new in the original wooden box, but has the manual. The knife set is for use with animals, the Todd English 12 pc laguiole Steak knife set is a great set for those who want a quality Steak knife. The knife set contains 12 knives, but can be easily replaced if needed, the knife set also features a wooden box with a manual. They are stainless steel and look great, the blades are sharp and the sets up easily.