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Shun Classic Steak Knives

The new Shun Classic Steak knives are perfect for anyone looking for a good, affordable Steak knife, made with the latest in damascus steel, these knives have a wide v-shaped ground travel for easy cutting of thickly textured steak. Plus, the d-shaped steel blade has a sharp point for taking care of game.

Shun Premier Steak Knives

The kai Shun premier Steak knife knives are great set of table knife that can do the job well, the shogun blade is high quality and pure with a red hued blade. The knife comes with the kai Shun tool set, which includes a guide and a bludgeon, the set also includes a file and oil. The tools are able to do the job well with a low-slip handle, the new kai Shun classical table knife is a top-of-the-line knife that is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their steak. The knife has a carbon-steel blade and is made with a high-carbon steel material, this knife is perfect for those who want to cook with Steak and avoid making messes. The knife also comes with a Steak knife set, which is perfect for sharing, this Shun set of four Steak knives comes with a complex mitt and jointed blade. The set comes with an 4, 75" Steak knife, an 3. 5" slicing knife, and an 1, 8" thin slicing knife. The blades are of the pure shanked form with the shank having a thin head at one end and a thick head at the other, the knife sets are great way to have some home-cooked Steak for dinner. The Shun Classic Steak knife set is a great way to have plenty of options when it comes to Steak knives, there are four options for Steak knives, making them the perfect choice for those who want the best experience when cutting meat. The blonde color of the knives makes them easy to look up and down the knife-handling aisle, and the overall design of the knives makes them comfortable to hold.