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Mossy Oak Knives

Looking for a stylish and reliable fixed blade knife? Look no further than the Mossy oak! These knives are made with high-quality materials and features.

Mossy Oak Hunting Knives

The Mossy Oak hunting knives are perfect for the most beginners in hunting Mossy oak, they are easy to hold and are very efficient in cutting down trees. The Mossy Oak 11 bowie knife features a full-tang knife with a sheath that features a black leather belt hanger, the knife is made from mori-made Mossy oak, a hard, gray, and black Oak wood. The blade is a settings with a black g-10 edge and the knife handle, this Mossy Oak survival knife has an 14" blade and is made of hardwood with a blued finish. It is hardwood with a blued anodized finish, the knife has a fixed 15-degree offset for easy hand-to-hand combat, as well as full-tang pocket screws for deep-sea hunting. The knife has an 15-endovisional bowie knife blade and is made of tough Mossy oak, this knife is also tactical, being able to do precision tasks such as hunting for sport.