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Mora Knives

If you're searching for an outstanding find, don't search more knives, our basic 611 model is excellent for shoppers who desire to survive a survive the tough times. With a carbon steel blade and a this knife is good for a person hunting for a basic, straightforward to handle get your knife today.

Mora Knives Near Me

The knife is a good value at 2 full inch thick blade and is produced of carbon steel, it extends an 511 violent stainless steel material that makes it tough and durable. The knife also provides a black anodized aluminum all around design, the knife is a good substitute for the outdoorsman or law enforcement officer who need to skin, skin, and skin meat. The knives are sterling knife for the military, they are made from stainless steel and are basic 511 material. They are unrivaled substitute for enthusiasts who desire the military look and feel, this 2-pack basic 511 8 carbon steel black camp survival knife is practical for the outdoorsman or farmer. It is a good knife for tasks such as cutting meat, butter, tree - well, anything that needs to be cut, regardless of its size, the knife also fits easily into the standard pk-series making it top-of-the-heap for take-along or storage. The knife provides an 511 8 steel and black hardwood design with a black anodized aluminum handle, the knife also features a clip for effortless on - off. This knife is best-in-the-class for the outdoorman or farmer who needs to cut meat, knives on the web® are just what you need for work, gaming, and life, with multiple options for honing your knife skills and features that set apart, it's hard to choose just one. Our knives include a variety of blade shapes and sizes to tailor any routine, whether it's a job or a casual day at the park, with a variety of colors to suit any style, knives are unequaled addition to your toolkit.