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Lamson Knives

If you're wanting for an unique and delicious bread knife, then you need to investigate the vintage 12 blade 18 overall Lamson bread knife, this knife is produced of high-quality materials and will make an unequaled addition to your kitchen. Plus, the 12 blade makes it more than enough for just breading or hand-knotting.

Lamson Steak Knives

This Lamson steak knife is a sterling old kitchen utensil! This knife is from the 40 s and is an addition to our collection, it is a meat cleaver with an antique Lamson logo. It is 5, 5 inches long and the blade is 7. 5 inches, the knife also features a nice, old-fashioned steak knife blade. This is a sensational piece for the kitchen or for when you need a knife for a cooked steak, if you're digging for a top-grade deal on a new knife, then you need to go over this michael myers knives. They're a vintage style, and they're- very serrated! Not to mention, they're in sterling condition, so, granted that searching for a fantastic deal on a top quality knife, 1930 s vintage 12" blade Lamson & 3 xl carbon chef knife is the one for you! The Lamson knife is an unique knife that is fabricated with luxury in mind. It is a carving knife that is produced with a shank that is fabricated of biz and a blade that is produced with a hardwood, this knife is designed to be used in the outdoors and is produced for individuals who grove on to get the most out of their spending money. This line of kitchen knives is designed for the individual who likes to be in reach of their medical supplies and other important items in the kitchen, the Lamson fire knives are made from high-quality materials and are made to last. They are also lightweight and straightforward to hold for facile action.