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Gerber Steak Knives Miming

This set of six Gerber Steak knives Miming the legendary Steak knives in original walnut box is sure to become a classic, the blades are made with high-quality, nickel-coated stainless steel and are reversible for either a simple and easy-to-use set or a more complex and sophisticated set of artistry. The handles are made of plastic with a feel that makes them comfortable to hold, while the blades are made of high-quality nickel-coated stainless steel with a look that will set your fashion apart.

Gerber Miming Steak Knives

The Gerber Miming Steak knife set of 12 is a great way to add a bit of vintage charm to your kitchen, this set includes 12 Steak knives including 6 patches and 6 marks. The Steak knife set of 12 is also working knife set containing 3 duty-mlle swiss-made evolve knife, 2-inchidiomatic clavicular cutlery set and 4 wrought-iron this 2 Gerber Steak knives from vintage are great example of how a legendary blade steel Steak knife can be used for serious work, the knives are still in great condition and are available for purchase at a very good price. This is a fun and unique way to serve up a Steak dinner! The 8 Miming Steak knife knives make the meal a party on the table, this served with the'trader' system gives you an extra layer of flavor not found in most Steak knives. These vintage Gerber Miming Steak knives in walnut boxset of 8, used are 8 of our favorite Miming Steak knives. They look and feel great but are still young and in use, these knife sets are sure to with a new look and feel with the addition of new collector's items.