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Damascus Folding Knives

Our Damascus Folding knife is produced of custom-made steel for superior performance in-game, whether you're pocketing the knife for your next deer or just need a day-packer, this knife will do the job. The Damascus blade is tough, durable, and survived being in the middle of a house-to-house battle for the best part of a day, how could it not? The knife is fabricated to (-1 in accuracy when made from common steel) and . But is, our Damascus Folding knife is a quality product made with pride in-game. It is designed as a quality tool for professional gamers and is manufactured to-the-end, meaning it is programmable with other Damascus knife data to make your gaming experience more personalized.



By M Damascus Pro


Handmade Hunting Folding Blade Pocket Tracker Knife Damascus Steel Survival EDC

Custom Damascus Folding Knives

This custom Damascus Folding knife presents a small defect on the blade that does not have any other similarity, the knife is manufactured to be a close-sofar knife and provides a comfortable feel to it. The knife is conjointly made to be uncomplicated to hold and is additionally lightweight, this is a custom made Damascus steel pocket knife Folding blade. This knife is manufactured to do many things, it can be used for hunting, camping, or just for fun. It is top-rated for a quick hunt or a camp trip, the knife also works well for daily use. The hard-shell case is produced of hard hardwood and it is facile to take with you wherever you go, the texas toothpick is a hand-made, full-tang, all-uminium Damascus steel Folding pocket knife. It is an enticing knife for targeted prey, such as teeth, bones, and skin, the is a camel bone handle, while the guard is fabricated of hard-shell carbon steel. The knife also includes an 3-lettered to which makes it a best-in-class tool for finding whatness animal was eating, this Damascus Folding knife is produced of hardened steel with a pocket knife- like design. It gives a convenient wood hand handle, the knife is about 28 inches long and its handle is in like manner made of hardened steel. The knife also gives a feature that makes it straightforward to take with you any where you go.