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Concealed Belt Knives

The Concealed carry sheath holster is designed to help make your carry life easier, it includes a Belt knife with a self-defense purpose. The Belt knife is also small enough to be assigned to a carry spot without fear of jiggling, the Belt knife is also a fixed blade, making it effective in close quarters.

Best Concealed Belt Knives

This karambit knife is precision made with a black leather Belt boot sheath on the front, the blade is protected by a black leather Belt sheath as well as a fixed blade Belt knife. The karambit has a sheath for the bowie knife, this knife is perfect for the Concealed carry community. A Concealed carry sheath holster for the boot Belt knife is a great way to protect your knife in case of an emergency, this is the perfect way to keep your knife safe and secure while you are on the go. The holster for the boot Belt knife features an and-2 mm thick design which will protect the knife with no worry, this holster also has a black anodized aluminum frame and knife blade. The self-defense knife Belt knife has an 12" length of Belt and is with an 3" handle that is made of high-quality materials, this Belt knife has a double-edged blade and a fixed blade knife Belt sheath. The blade is made of hard-shell materials and the sheath is made of dangerous weapons leather, the Belt knife has a standard blade shape with a v-shaped sheath. It has a black finish and black handle, the rough rider stainless fixed drop pt blade black handle knife is the perfect Belt knife for precision work in the field. The blade prevents catch and curves in towards the handle which makes it difficult to handle, the stainless steel makes for a durable knife that holds up over time. The Belt knife sheath also features a comfortable fit and the perfect amount of functionality.