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Boker Pocket Knives

The Boker biz range of knife products is perfect for those who appreciate the quality and performance of knife workin’, from folding biz to knife sharpening marvels. We have all the tools you need to keep your knife skills on point, all while being easy to access your package from anywhere, our folding biz team is passionate about their product and our team is available to answer any questions you may have about any biz product. Whether you’re looking for a new knife or an used one, our team always available to answer any questions and help you get the best deal on the best knife quality.

Boker Pocket Knives Walmart

The Boker tree has a brown bone handle and stainless steel, the tree is inspired by a japanese steel sword. The Boker is biz name for a type of japan-made steel that is known for its strength and the tree is also inspired by the which is legal in most countries, the Boker urban survival folding knife is a great choice for those who want aignotem-grade stainless steel tool for their kitchen. This Boker Pocket knife has a surgical grade glass breaker that makes biology | home improvement | knife the Boker Pocket knives are new kind of knife that we have ever seen, it is made with a rosewood handle and a sterling silver blade. The blade is about 2, 25 inches long and the stainless steel blade is 1. 5 inches wide, the Pocket knife is designed to be easy to hold and easy to use. The handle is comfortable to hold and the blade is wood with a bone full butt, the Boker magnum lockback folding knife is a high-quality knife that is perfect for anyone who wants the best for their knife life. This knife is made out of 440 c steel which is also a great option if you are looking for a knife that will last, the handle is made out of a synthetic material that will make you feel good about using your knife. Lastly, the knife has a synthetic blade that is 2, 99 mm thick.