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Assassin's Creed Throwing Knives

This is a very unique and interesting Throwing knife set that is going to be a part of the game assassins creed, it is a new and original design, and will be found on key players of the game. This knife is going to be a first-rate addition to your game and will be a popular surrogate for lovers who are wanting for an unique and exciting tool.

Cheap Assassin's Creed Throwing Knives

The second set of Throwing knives is a carbon steel alloy, while the first set is a stainless steel alloy, they are both designed to be tip-up knives, with a long, thin blade and a sharp point. They come with a black anodized aluminum handle, this is a must-have item for any assassins Creed player searching to go out and kill enemies quickly and efficiently. The Throwing knife set comes with a flag of a severe of the crew, and is indented for effortless on-the-go use, the second set of assassins' Creed Throwing knives is high carbon steel construction. They are cdc-licensed, and feature the symbol on the blades, these knives are canted and serrated for stability and a quick-and-easy kill. This is a top-rated set of Throwing knives that is exclusive to the assassins' Creed authentic series box and banner flag, the knives are made of durable materials and have a blued finish for a top-of-the-heap look. These Throwing knives are sterling for or self-defense, assassins' Creed Throwing knives are splendid for any activity or killing scene.